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I am getting over my first ever real crush. I..m a so called "late bloomer". Never really dated, never really even liked a guy who could possibly like me back. In all honesty I just came out to more than just my personal friends this year. Of course this said guy I wash crushing on just wanted to be friends. And I am now actually okay with that. Maybe I pushed a little to fast, I have no idea what the hell I doing anyway. Plenty of guys out there to meet, spend time with and get to know. No waiting around anymore, people who knew me a year ago could not possibly recognize me now. I'm growing up, living my life, and working towards my bright future. If you do not like me, kiss my ass.
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So, I may be a heart bleeding insane liberal democrat but the following is all me and contains no sarcasm whatsoever....

Today is Memorial Day, a day when even us young`ns are to be remembering all those of the military of past and present. So even you out there who don’t understand or care less about this day should take some of my words to heart yourself. My brother who has two kids is who knows where doing you know what for the army right now and me, my mother nor his kids will see him again until sometime early next year. Our troops need our support, our love, and understanding. What better day than today to start with all three. My name is John D. King, Liberal Democrat, hater of Republicans, lover of peace, and all around new age thinker but I thank all the troops past, present, and future for doing what you do. Matt... Mom, Me, and I sure you’re other family and kids all think about ya, love ya, and are awaiting your safe return. We all support you and others like you, and are proud of ya. At least I know I am. :)



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