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What can I say, life has sure gotten interesting. I began working this week. Monday, Tuesday and today (Wednesday) 8 hours a day on my feet. It is my first real "psychical" job, I spent High School as a telemarketer so I`m totally not used to being on my feet all night. Between working 8 hours, trying to at least sleep 8, keeping up with real life, trying my damnedest to keep up with [ profile] ontd_ai and of course [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang , catching the other J2/SPN that peek my interest and weeding thru the AI fandom to find the few Kradam stories out there that don`t make me want to bang my head into a wall I am really surprised I even found the fic I gonna rec (It is J2 BTW)...

So I was doing a quick read thru of my friends page and this one caught my eye. It is called Never More to Be Alone by [ profile] sinnerforhire . Fics never really get me, but this one tore down all my walls and I damn near broke down. Thinking back to certain parts now brings a tear to my eye. Even if you have no idea who Jared or Jensen are, do not give a crap about the fandom I challenge you to read this and not shed a tear. Maybe Im just tired, who knows. Not to mention an update to my favorite J2 series has been posted. For those who know not of the Reinventing Love Verse by [ profile] _mournthewicked ... Go read it.
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